Dhanlaxmi Bank Recruitment 2012

Dhanlaxmi Bank is a young and vibrant organization and its greatest assets are the employees working in it. Obviously, the satisfaction level of the employees is among the highest in the banking sector and it does not come alone from the pay given through the Dhanlaxmi Bank jobs. They have a good rapport with the employees providing benefits and amenities. The employees find a balance between their personal and professional life with ease. Dhanlaxmi Bank careers gives the wonderful opportunity to work in a hostile environment that nurtures social responsibility through Truthfulness, Obedience and Strong Ethical & Industrial Governance. Jobs in Dhanlaxmi Bank gives the employees special ability to result in fast growth and high moral responsibility in their career as well as multiple ventures to reach the peak.

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  • Business dealings worth Rs.21.5 crores as on 31 March 2011, with deposits of Rs.12.5crores and advances of Rs. 9,065crores.
  • It earned a net profit of Rs.26.1 crores in the financial year ending with 31st March 2011.
  • Set up NRI Relationship Centres across 9 locations in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  • It plays a major role in micro credit in Kerala which was Rs.266 crores at the end of March 2011.
  • Attained certification of ISO 9001-2000 for Thrissur and Kochi‘s corporate offices.

Dhanlaxmi bank Job Vacancies and Details

The usual positions here are in the form of Managerial executive officer, Chartered Accountants, Legal officers and Technical officers. Each post is in different fields. Hence the salary will differ for every Dhanlaxmi Bank job vacancy.

1. Managerial executive positions

Involves bringing new customers, boosting it’s profits, setting targets, motivating and developing staffs, analyse management information and reports.

2. Technical officers

Based on field of job required, like Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, and Network Analyst and involves jobs like estimating, construction and setting up of optimal environment for the employees to work efficiently.

3. Legal officers

This Dhanlaxmi Bank job opening involves maintaining law regulations, policy maintenance, solving legal disputes, compliance with other banks and requires ability to work under stress.

4. Chartered Accountants

Involves planning, organising and maintaining financial services and lending audits and taking care of day to day functions of banking and treasury.

5. Customer Relationship Managers

Involves getting the most out of the customers’ money, providing financial, legal, and moral support to customers in persons, over phone through mail etc., to deepen the relationship between the bank and the customers.

6. Clerical jobs

This particular job in Dhanlaxmi Bank as Clerks involves file keeping, records maintenance, staffing, computer service, billing etc.

7. Probationary officers

Customer transaction, cashing, draft issues, planning, budgeting, marketing based on his/her skills.

The age requirement varies for various job vacancies. For the post in higher level, it needs middle aged aspirants, experience required. As per the bank rules, all these vacancies include different pay scales. The Dhanlaxmi Bank recruitment 2012 cell gives opportunities for applicants from security, agriculture, IT industry etc. also apart from Banking professionals.

The Dhanlaxmi Bank job opportunities will be announced from time to time based on the vacancies in position available. The details can be attained from the site http://www.dhanbank.com. Those who want to pursue a career here can maintain a constant watch over this site.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Recruitment Procedure

The Dhanlaxmi Bank recruitment procedure involves the submitting of resume directly to the HR team at their head office or uploading the resume in the link provided in the bank’s site. Shortlisted candidates will have to get through the stages of the recruitment that will be laid out based on the number of applicants as opposed to the requirements.

  • Stage 1: Verbal and Aptitude tests, which involve mostly multiple choice questions for which applicants have to provide appropriate answer. The test may be paper or online based on the location and reachability.
  • Stage 2: Interview, which involves the assessment of the candidates based on his profile and skills that he/she is listed to have possessed.
  • Stage 3: The final stage of the process of the Dhanlaxmi Bank recruitment 2012 is the interview, where the candidate’s skills are analysed and decided if they can meet the exepectations.

The Dhanlaxmi Bank recruitment result will be published and intimated to the candidates who successfully completed the recruitment procedure. For more details, visit the official website http://www.dhanbank.com. Results will be genuine and it does not accept any recommendations from any higher officials.

Published By Ramya Shanmugam

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