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Kochi, formerly known as Cochin is a major port near the Arabian Sea (West coast). Kochi or Kocci (Malayalam) is an integral part of Ernakulum that lies to west of Kochi. The Corporation of Cochin constituted in 1967, governs the administration of the city. It is classified as B-1 grade city, which ranks first in the state to attract domestic and international tourists. Kochi port, heralded as Queen of Arabian Sea was the most famous center for trading spices since the 14th century. In 1503, Portuguese occupied Kochi and remained until 1530 and left after choosing and shifting to Goa. Later the city became a key port for the Dutch and the British empires.

It is the headquarters for Southern Naval Command of the Indian Navy. It is also home for Air Squadron of the Indian Coast Guard. Kochi port, besides being an International Container Transshipment Terminal it also accommodates Cochin Shipyard with facilities for shipbuilding. It is also famous for domicile of important and major chemical industries. Industrial parks namely Cochin Special Economic Zone and Infopark are the home for industrial development. High Court of Kerala and Lakshadweep are housed in Kochi. It has the distinction for willful joining of the princely state in the Indian Union, after gaining independence in 1947.


Kochi is densely populated city with an average of 6340 people per square Km. Another interesting trait is female to male population ratio is higher than the all-India average. Literacy rate is 85.6 per cent. Major religions are Hinduism and Christianity among other religions with smaller followings. Schedule castes and schedule tribes comprise 14 per cent of the total population. It makes a mark with the largest Christian population in India. It’s majority residents are Malayalis while other ethnic communities also have their significant presence. The main language for communication is Malayalam, which is the medium of instruction for primary education. Higher education is in English and most preferred language in commercial and business circles is English. Hindi and Tamil are rarely spoken. It has major problems in the urbanization front with heavy pollution and poor sanitation and also from urban household crowding. Acute shortage of potable water with 80 per cent of wells polluted and unemployment are two major concerns of the city. Unemployment was 21.6 per cent in the year 2003. With growing slum dwelling problems year after year, the government plans to make the city free from slums by 2016. Crime rate is an alarming issue, as it records fourth place in the number of recorded crimes in the country. While the national average of crime rate in 2009 was 181.4 Kochi’s was 646.3, almost more than 5 times of the average.

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People and culture:

Kochi is a typical mixture of people not only from other parts of Kerala but most of India. There is a substantial mix of all major ethnic communities of the country in Kochi, which can boast of peaceful co-existence of diverse ethnic groups consisting Malayalis, Gujaratis, Konkanis, Punjabis, Marathis, Tamilians, Biharis etc. Perhaps, it is due to this peaceful living of all the mix of diverse cultures of people, it stands first in Kerala and 12th in India on Livability. Fashion consciousness among people is increasing year after year.

cochin 300x233 Kochi City Jobs and Recruitment 2012Kochi Government jobs

Kochi is home for a large number of both state and central government offices. In accordance with continuous progress in infrastructure and administrative development, government job openings are also increasing year after year. Among the vacancies that arise from time to time in the Kerala state government, Public Service Commission is the major recruiting organization. Vacancies that arise in autonomous and semi government institutions are filled up by respective organizations duly following the rules in vogue. Staff Selection Commission takes care of recruitment of vacancies arising in central government units located in the state. With regard to vacancies arising in State Public Undertakings, Public Utility services and State government Corporations candidates registered in the employment exchanges are preferred.

Project Smart City Kochi

Smart City Kochi is a joint venture of State government of Kerala and a Dubai based Tecom Company proposed to be built in an 8.8 sq.feet area in 1,000 acres of land in its final shape. This Smart City Kochi is going to be a major Information Technology hub in the country. State government has 16 per cent share in the project the total value of which is Rs.680 crores. This project is going to create lakshs of jobs directly or indirectly and more government jobs in Kochi. This project is expected to create employment in the areas of administration, construction, consultancy, hospitality, logistics, and tourism etc.

Government jobs in Kochi for freshers

The city focusing for overall development in creation of infrastructure, IT parks, industries, civic amenities etc is all set to have a plethora of careers in Kochi from many sources. One need to find out a position one is suited to accomplish with commitment and zeal to enjoy the joy of a job well done. It is fast becoming as an important industrial hub in the country and therefore, the city is going to offer a wide range of government jobs to freshers. Ambitions with perseverance make all the difference in understanding options, which is the first step for any fresher looking for a job. Youth with competitive spirit with the ability to face challenges and not allowing oneself to search for short cuts to success is the mantra for dignified earning and for them their dream job in government service in a place like Kochi would be around the corner, if only one tries to strive to find it.

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