Delhi police jobs1 300x246 Jobs in Delhi Police   Recruitment 2012With enormous diversity in almost everything ranging from food to style, it is quite difficult to homogenize anything in India; maybe this is why every country has been assigned a capital of its own, which would indirectly reflect the respective country’s current state.

Delhi! Capital of the country! House of one of the seven wonders of both the ancient and the modern world- the TajMahal! Land of the famous and scientifically challenging Qutab Minar! Ranked one, among the five metropolitan cities in the country!

Well, there is no end to the above list.

However, with all the above, comes the need to respect, protect and preserve. The Delhi police stand as the perfect exemplary to the above three words. With duties, which would end only with Armageddon, the Delhi police are known for their dependability since time immemorial. To maintain law and order in itself is a humongous task; add to that duties like controlling traffic, providing training, bringing offenders to justice by working day and night, protecting citizen’s properties, among others and you have the life of a Delhi policeman.

Now that it is established that the Delhi police provide their citizens only the ‘best’, it is natural that their recruitment also only brings in, the ‘best’ among the many who aim.

The Delhi Police Division provides aspiring candidates with many interesting job positions. All these positions contribute towards the country’s welfare in one way or another. An interesting property of the Delhi Police Department is absence of dignity of labour of any sort. Any person, he/she may be a constable or the Commissioner, is provided with equal amount of respect.

How is the Delhi Police recruitment done?

The Delhi Police Recruitment process is quite complex. No matter what post a person is applying to, he/she is expected to satisfy some basic requirements. An Indian citizenship, a minimum qualification of XII grade (pass), a basal height and weight requirement – all these are some of the rudimentary qualifications a person must possess for any post. However, depending on how high on the ladder the post is, the qualifications would be proportionately increased.

For example, for a person applying for the post of an Asst. Sub-inspector (Stenographer), a required level of shorthand and typing speed is asked. The post also requires that the applicants possess a Graduate degree from a recognized institution in the country.

The Delhi Police recruitment division has also been known for its toughness. For male candidates, the division puts forth a Physical Endurance test, wherein various attributes of the candidate’s physical stature are assessed. This is done by means of tasks like running race, long jump and high jump, among others.

It is also said that the Delhi Police Recruitment procedure doesn’t observe/ let observe woman as the ‘weaker sex’. Jobs in Delhi Police for girls requires them to undergo a similar Physical Endurance test, which is slightly intense but nevertheless, significant in the qualification process. Prior to the Physical Endurance task is the Measurements Qualification task, wherein the candidate is expected to satisfy certain height and chest requirements.

How to be prepared for the Delhi Police recruitment process?

After qualifying both the basal Measurements and Physical Endurance tasks, the Delhi Police Recruitment process requires a candidate to qualify a written examination, for around one and a half hours. This is an objective type test with questions pertaining to General Knowledge, basic arithmetic skills, knowledge on the English language, reasoning skills and many more. This may or may not be followed by shorthand cum typing test (on both a computer and a typewriter), depending on the post the candidate has applied to.

Irrespective of the post, the application process is unanimous. The aspirant is required to fill in the online application form for his/her respective post under the Recruitment section in the Delhi police webpage Once the applicant has completed the online application, he/she is expected to get the same printed and send it to the address mentioned, post affixing his/her photograph and drawing a demand draft of the fee mentioned for the corresponding post, in favor of Recruitment personnel provided on the page.

The above has to be done before the deadline, which could again beDelhi police jobs 20121 300x199 Jobs in Delhi Police   Recruitment 2012 obtained from the webpage. The candidate is anyhow expected to keep track of the various Delhi Police job openings (for example, Delhi Police Recruitment 2012 constable specifically) and check if there are any additional procedures.

Respecting the economically backward, there are numerous Delhi Police job vacancies, assigned for backward and scheduled classes of people; however, documents authenticating the same are required before everything else could begin as per the reservation dogma.

Vacancies are also made available for Ex-police personnel, honoring their role in the country’s welfare.

Coming to talking about the present, the Delhi Police Recruitment 2012 process is a highly competitive one. With thousands of applications pooling in every year, the number of vacancies seem quite scant. Keeping this in mind, a person has to evaluate himself/herself first before applying to openings under Delhi Police jobs 2012.

The life of a policeman is not as simple as that shown in movies. The Delhi Police careers 2012, comprising of the various jobs in Delhi police ensures that it makes people believe in themselves, have a chance to reexamine their lives in several important aspects and last but not the least, make themselves worthy. At the end of the day, it all zeroes down to ‘Giving your best, the best way possible’.

Respecting non-violence to an extent that self-sacrifice comes easier than hunger, devoting their life to the betterment of the country, taking actions before they are even deemed necessary, the Delhi Police Force is one of the prime reasons why Mother Earth planned to bestow upon India, a wonder of its own.

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