sarkari naukri 300x153 Sarkari Naukri in India   Get New Jobs 2012A country’s progress is measured by the growth of its industries. But as a citizen of the country, I would put it as a country’s progress is measured by the employment statistics. India is a really vast country and the term “population boom” has become a very common word in our dictionary today. Growth in the country’s population indirectly refers to an increasing demand for jobs and livelihood. The government of India has hence put forward its attempt of reducing unemployment in India by offering sarkari naukri to individuals who are worthy of taking up the available jobs in the various government sectors.

Advantages of Sarkari naukri over private jobs

Sarkari Naukri has a lot of advantages over jobs in private sectors. It is a possession that one holds onto with great pride and a person with it is known to be a person with high reputation. Private sector jobs might pay lavishly to a candidate than govt naukri but when it comes to job security, sarkari naukri proves to be second to none. As soon as the job is in your hands, the job will remain yours until the time you give it away voluntarily or retire. Likelihood of being laid off from the job during times of economic crisis in a country is completely out of question when it comes to Sarkari Naukri. Sarkari Naukri allows one to live his life completely and not compromise on any joy of life. Small workload and achievable targets are the specialities of sarkari jobs, unlike the working environment in private sectors that just makes one slog day in and day out, working on projects and completing demanding targets. “Promotion” – the reason why people work so hard, is mandatory in case of govt naukri. This means that an employee will definitely not remain in the same post for all his life in case of government jobs, whereas promotion is not a mandatory exercise in Private sector jobs. Sarkari jobs are preferred by many because of the various benefits that the government jobs offer. Pension after retirement is one of the main advantages of government jobs.

Naukri in government are of a wide range. All the employees working under the companies and sectors owned by the government are grouped as government employees. Jobs range from clerks in banks and teachers to police and army officers and scientists in ISRO. The salary for the individual is decided on the basis of the position he/she is been offered in the respective workplaces.

Sarkari Naukri in Delhi and the other states

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Delhi, the capital of India is the hub for government naukri. Whether it’s an undertaking under the central or the state government or any of the public organizations, Delhi is the headquarters for the majority of these organizations. Having the country’s best schools and universities, there is an abundance of job opportunities in this place. The supreme courts and the high courts, various officers of the ministers, defense services, armies, engineers, the Delhi police, insurance agents are just a few of the many sarkari naukri in Delhi.

Punjab, Haryana, Jharkhand, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and all other states in India.. Government jobs are available. All one has to do is to register with the local employment exchange so as to get notifications and updates of the various sarkari jobs available in the state.

Procedure to be followed for acquiring a Govt. Naukri

One has to go through a few steps inorder to acquire a naukri in government. Candidates have to submit applications within the deadline as specified by the respective companies, after which they will be called for an interview and depending on the performance in the interviews and the certificates submitted at the time of the interview, the deserving candidates are chosen from the entire applicant lot. The general age limit for the candidate submitting an application for the sarkari naukri should be between 21-30 years. All candidates waiting to enter into these jobs are advised to have a constant lookout for the advertisements in the newspapers and on other public media.

Sarkari Naukri – Gateway to a prosperous career

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When we think about naukri in government, one immediately links it with exams. Yes! government exams are the second step after application that a candidate goes through. Banking jobs, railway jobs, defense jobs, teaching jobs, jobs involving research work, engineers, project managers, and jobs of various other officers requires a candidate to first fulfill the exam criteria. Candidates can find the dates for the respective sarkari exams of each organization on the internet.

The Government of India has been taking every step to make India a better place to live in. And one of the major steps put forward by the same is the introduction of more and more government naukri to the educated youth of the country. Unemployment being one of the main threats to the country is being reduced by the efforts of many. The youth today get the urge to study better and to fight harder to get placed in government jobs. Sarkari Naukri is flourishing these days and even though the salary offered is not as high as that of jobs in private sectors, the benefits offered make government jobs the most wanted by the working class in today’s world.

To all the candidates applying for the the various sarkari naukri in 2012, wish you all good luck for your future and hope you all will do great in your respective jobs and prove yourself to be the best for the post.