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Police department jobs are referred to government services. It is a civil service rendered by trained and professional officers to the general public. It can be ranged from day to day activity to tracing the international criminals. They work hard in preventing anti-social elements causing harm to Law and Order of the country. Indian Department works similarly irrespective of the states. Some people will have huge aspirations to get into these police jobs.

sikikim police Sikkim Police Jobs and Recruitment

Here is dream come true opportunity for all who seek their careers in this department. In General, Sikkim State has a very low crime rate record. One can proudly say that it is one of the respectable and dignified jobs to serve the nation. Below are the details of Sikkim Police Job vacancies

Sikkim Police Recruitment 2012 There are a huge number of openings for Constable Drivers and Followers in the Sikkim Police Department. There are certain eligibility conditions to fulfill for Constable Drivers and they are as follows:-

  • 1. The candidate who is applying for this post must be under 20-25 years of age.
  • 2. Candidate must have 10th STD qualification.
  • 3. Skills of driving etc.
  • 4. Candidate should compulsorily have Driving License.

There are certain eligibility criteria for home guards (Followers post) and they are:-

  • 1. The candidate who is applying for this post must be under 18-22 years of age.
  • 2. Physical requirements are must and should.
  • 3. Candidate must have 10th STD qualification.
  • 4. The candidate must have minimum experience of three years in this particular field.

A general recruitment procedure will be followed like applying for the desired post through the respective application form. Succeeding to it, the selected candidates will be called for physical test, desired skills test etc.

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