Careers in Tirupur – The Fastest Growing Industrial City

Tirupur formed as a separate district under Tamil Nadu state in October 2008. It is one of the well-developed regions of India and this district yields high revenues to the state. Industries that are blooming in the state are banian industry, Cotton etc. The city is the head quarters of administration and is the best place suited for the various business developments. It is a city known for its textile industry located in the District on the banks of Noyyal River. It is famously known as the Dollar city. It is the prime center for textiles around the country and careers in Tirupur are plentiful.

It was declared as Municipality after the Indian independence. Later its further on as a Corporation in 2008. The total area is 516.12 square kilometers. The district has a population of 2,471,222, roughly equal to the country Kuwait. The population density of the district is 476 inhabitants per square kilometer. It boasts a literacy rate of 79.1%. The principal language of the district is Tamil. 90.08% of the population is Hindus while the minorities form the rest. The average temperatures for this region vary between 35°C to 18°C. The average annual rainfall is about 700 mm. Noyyal and Amaravathi are the major rivers flowing through the district. Amaravati River forms the main source of irrigation in the district. Due to its rapid industrialization and moderate climatic conditions, it is one of the most sought out places in India.

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Scope of Careers in Tirupur

Tirupur city of the district alone employs around 7 lakhs individuals as per the recent survey. A city covers an area of 27.19 sq-km. It boasts about the economy of the district alone being 220 billion rupees. The other regions of the district are as productive as this district. As a result increasing people are being recruited for Govt jobs in Tirupur in 2012. Major Government job vacancy in Tirupur are open for Knitting, Fabric Printing and Embroidery, Dyeing & Bleaching Units, Garments, and other units.

India’s first apparel park called the Netaji Apparel Park has been set up. It spans over 166 acres on the National Highway providing employment to thousands of people. The Tirupur Exporters’ Association (TEA) supports the apparel park. Rs. 95 crores has been routed toward the infrastructure development, which presently houses 60 industrial buildings with 20-lakh sq ft. More than 20, 000 Tamil nadu Job Vacancies in Tirupur will be created when the park becomes fully functional. More details can be obtained in these sites.

State government jobs in Tirupur

The need for employees in every sector is increasing every year. Employees are assured of a secured job. Govt Recruitments are generally made by written and oral examinations whose dates are advertised in the relevant media. The government encourages equal employment opportunities and thus special quotas are provided for minorities, women, scheduled castes and tribes, sports people etc. The local government provides employment to thousands of citizens across the country.

Government jobs in Tirupur’s notifications are put up in media like Internet, newspaper etc. Details of Govt. job recruitment in Tirupur can also be found in Employment news.

State government jobs in Tirupur – benefits

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Local govt. provides a great standard of living for its employees. Tirupur Government jobs’ avail the employees for special benefits from the state government. The benefits include medical expenses for all the family members, special offers from govt. service providers, travel expenses and many more facilities. The government provides compensation to the family members of the bereaved Govt provides a job for a family member if the sole bread member of the family member is paralyzed or meets a tragic end in the premise of his work place. The children of the employees can avail for free education at the recognized government intuitions. A government job provides its employees with holidays on weekends and on all general holidays according to the Indian calendar. A Tirupur Government job’ provides other incentives like Holiday packages, funds and gratuity, scholarships, retirement packages, and pension. A fun filled life in one of the best cities of the tropical district of India with the best available climatic conditions to live in is ensured through a government job.

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