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Tiruvottiyur lies in the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu state. Tiruvottiyur lays in the city premises of the state capital city Chennai. It is located in the northern region of Chennai. The population is 248,059 and is fast increasing, as it is becoming a residential choice of many due to its closeness to the main Parrys and Chennai Central. Tiruvottiyur is one of the oldest seas side colonies in the subcontinent. Due to all these factors there are immense career opportunities in Tiruvottiyur in private as well as Government jobs. Also it lies close to the industrial sector of the city. The population is therefore is quite diverse due to various industries that are present near the area.

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Historical Importance:

Tiruvottiyur is also of great historical significance as it existed long before Chennai was made. It is home to many historical ancient monuments. The great Thyagaraja Temple, one of the oldest Shiva Temples in Tamil Nadu and the Samadhi of one of the great saints of all time, Pattinathar, lie in the locality. In the past this place was frequented by many of the great saintsever known. This was the place where the legendary Kamba Ramayanam was originally composed in the Thyagaraja Temple.

Lifestyle of people:

The residents of Tiruvottiyur lead a very simple lifestyle and the main occupation of people is the hereditary small scale industries. The majority of population works on these small scale industrial units. It has showed significant rise in population over the last decade. The population is expected to reach a number of 400,000 till the year 2026. Tiruvottiyur existed way before Chennai. Chennai being a metropolitan started growing and eventually reached Tiruvottiyur to its north side. Various industries were set up in Tiruvottiyur due to land availability and thus slowly and gradually the population of this small town increased. These Industrial sectors attracted many and the small scale industries which were native to the town have started to diminish. Plans have been made to relocate the heritage small scale industries to a different location to preserve them. Development plans will lead to raise in the number of both private and Government sector Jobs.

Infrastructural Development:

Tiruvottiyur has close proximity to Chennai and an established Industrial base. Tiruvottiyur lies very close to both the main sea ports of Tamil Nadu which are Chennai and Ennore. However, certain areas of the town are quite narrow and congested. The small scale units based in Tiruvottiyur are right now facing threat due to the increasing urbanization of the town. The old existing residential complexes are unplanned and lack in infrastructure.

Tiruvottiyur is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Tamil Nadu, thereby providing huge private as well as Government Job opportunities. In the future it is expected to serve as the main gateway to the north Chennai area. The development and infrastructure programs recently introduced have provided immense public sector Government job opportunities and have also attracted many private sector companies. Plan to develop the residential area around Ennore port would further prove to be fruitful. As the location is sea side, the threat of cyclones and flood is more as compared to the other areas. The slow development of north Chennai can lead to the drifting away of the high income sector. However, plans have been introduced to develop this area for the future. These infrastructure developments would lead to formation of large number of Government departments and committees to manage this development. In turn, the number of Government Jobs to monitor these developments and growths are expected to increase significantly.

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The plan has included an option to shift the small scale industries to an exclusive location to promote these industries. This would also lead to shifting of all industrial units away from the residential sectors.

Government Jobs Opportunities:

An all round development plan has been put into paper. The government would be requiring Engineering, town planning, health, administrative, accounts and many more professionals. This would lead to mass scale recruitment for these Government Jobs in Tiruvottiyur. The development process is expected to start from this year hence there would be numerous Govt Jobs in 2012 for Tamil Nadu residents. Selections will be made for both State and Central Government Job positions.

Careers in Tiruvottiyur:

Many industries have found their home in the industrial sector of Tiruvottiyur. This has lead to various job opportunities for the people. Infrastructural development has lead to rise in the number of Government Jobs as well.The software industry has been rapidly growing in Chennai and has arrived in Tiruvottiyur too. All this development has lead to increase in the number of job opportunities and this figure is expected to grow overtime.

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