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Indian Railways, without any doubt, offer one of the most different, captivating and spectacular railroad journeys across the whole world. This is absolutely clear from the fact that it is known to be the fourth largest railway network in the world. The railways play a significant role for the economy of the country. Extending over 114,500 kilometres of total track length that spread across 65,000 kilometres, the Indian railways has 7500 stations. They are the source of income for 1.36 million employees and transport 2.8 million tons of freight every day. Indian railways have a long history that extends all the way back into the year 1853, when it was first introduced in India. This large network, being one of the largest in the world is maintained, controlled and belongs to the Government of India takes care of the services and keeps everything under check with the help of the Railway Ministry. Indian Railways have become the second largest employer in the world, as earlier stated becoming the working environment of 1.36 million employees from the country. Indian railways consist of number of different types of locomotives including steam, diesel – electric, diesel – hydraulic, electric trains apart from the fact that steam engines and steam locomotives that were at a time famous and frequent is now used only in the heritage routes and hence become a popular tourist attraction.

www indianrailways gov in indianrailways.gov.in   Indian Railways Website

Indian railways – Website indianrailways.gov.in

Indianrailways.gov.in is the official website of the Indian Railways. It is a highly sophisticated and extremely useful website which can be an example for any official website. Taking into consideration the number of passengers in India and today’s computer and internet literacy rates, this website offers a profound helpline to thousands of people across India. Just by reaching the welcome page of the website anyone with basic computer skills can reach to a variety of information and services which is available just a mouse click away.

The website’s home page introduces and provides links that redirects to give information about Ministry of railways, railway zones information, passenger services that provides almost all information that a passenger seeks, parcel and freight services, manufacturing units of the all railway machinery and locomotives, education and research and finally the heritage units. The site also has a widget that provide latest news and latest events which adds to the sophisticated nature of the website. A provision of electronic ticketing that comes as a tab titled e – ticketing makes the site utmost convenient for any user as in today’s world most activities are done online. The website provides a faculty for PNR status enquiry and FNR enquiry which is a popular and most used feature among all visitors of the site. Tenders issued by railways of different zones, production units and other railway units are also available on the website.

Apart from the above train time table, complaints and suggestions and the 24×7 customer service number are provided on the website considering the requirement of visitors who need confirmation.

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