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Maharashtra is the third largest state in India and the second among the most populated states with a population of about 96,752,247 inhabitants. This state is the breath of India since it happens to be one of the richest states in the country. The state Maharashtra spreads over a vast and unbelievable 308,000 km2 is home to the financial capital of India – Mumbai. Maharashtra is also the most urbanised state with 42% of the country’s urbanised population residing in Maharashtra. Almost 50% of India’s internet users and 45% of the PC penetration of the country is from Maharashtra. - Government of Maharashtra

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Government of Maharashtra, the government for the state of Maharashtra, a most developed and busy state in Western India is a government elected by its people. It has 288 Members of Legislative Assembly for a 5 year term. Prithviraj Chauhan is the current Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra. The capital city of the state is Mumbai, which is one of most popular and busiest cities in the world and it is where the state assembly and the administrative offices are located. As in the other parts of the country, governor’s post is extensively ceremonial and it is the Chief Minister who is the head of the government.

Government of Maharashtra – Website

The website is available in Marathi (the native language of Maharashtra) and in English. An elegantly designed website, it starts with the home page that gives a link to a page that lists the various Government departments. It provides a list of quick links to the gazetteers in Maharashtra, an Eco-Survey which is available as a downloadable pdf document. Moreover careers and details about it are also available. A visitor can easily access this information as they are provided on the home page itself and are placed one after the other for easy use by the site’s users.

Other quickly accessible information includes Awards that the state’s government has received, a detailed online directory, Charter, e- scholarship and Application Status. The website has a search engine or users who could not find the information they were looking for. Maharashtra News is also available for the users/visitors to know about the latest news. It also provides details about Maharashtra like the history of the state, local bodies, districts, economy and statistics. There is also an online portal that offers all electronic services to the visitors. The site also provides reference and quick links to Mumbai Police, Maharashtra state Police website, Traffic Police, Tourism in Maharashtra, News, state transport and Maharashtra VAT.

The list of public holidays, IT Policy, web guidelines, Consulate general etc are also available on the website. Finally it provides information and redirect to the official websites of Governor, Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister. Government resolutions, Cabinet decisions, list of rate contracts, provision to view tenders for departments and latest news about the state is also provided on the website.

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