Why Government Jobs?

From ages it has been a dream for a middle class person to get a Government Job. People go in search of a Government Job to make their dreams into reality. These Government Jobs or the Public Sector jobs are in demand as the number of vacancy is very less when compared to the number of applicants. But once you get a job, you are guaranteed for the entire life time. These jobs are safe and secure. Government jobs are mostly popular and chosen by the youth for their reliability and benefits that they provide.

Central vs. State

 Why Government Jobs?The Government jobs can be either a Central Government job or a state Government job. The Central government jobs are offered in Income Tax Department, Judiciary department, Railways, Postal Department, Agricultural Department, Financial Sectors like Banks and so on. The State Government jobs, which are supervised by the state itself, include Department of Education, Animal Husbandry, Forest Department and Civil Department and so on.


Government Jobs have flexible rules, sufficient leaves and non hectic schedules. These jobs are not subjected to any type of layoffs due to recessions. There are no strict rules for coming on time and leaving at right time. But this flexibility should not be misused. Employees are promoted in the basics of their time of service. As the post increases, the pay also increases. The government officials naturally earn respect in the society for their position. There is no burden in government jobs. Generally there are no Night Shifts in Government Sector. Jobs in government sector provide greater stability and less job pressure. No extra work to be done. No extra time to be worked. The employee can work until he attains the age of retirement or till the time he wishes to serve in the organization.

Once a person gets recruited, it is impossible for him to be thrown out until or unless that employee does something against the law. An employee can work according to his own wish with every little pressure or target to achieve. Transfers to different places are very rare. The working environment in a government sector is usually very relaxed and uncompetitive. The employees don’t have any hectic schedule. They even don’t have to fear about losing their job due poor performance. The employee gets a very good social status. If a government employee likes to get specialized in his job or conduct research in his field, funds and assistances are provided.

Government jobs are extremely well – known amongst women as working hours in government sector tends to be less and tension of work is also less. So women find simple to manage the jobs.

Leave Packages

Earned Leave: The credit for earn leave will be awarded at a rate of 15 days on first week of January and July every year. The credit can be extended up to three hundred days along with number of days for which encashment has been allowed. Maximum of 180 days at a time can be availed in the case of Earned Leave.

Half Pay Leave: This leave is calculated at 20 days for each completed year of service. Half Pay leave can be availed with or without MC (Medical certificate).

Leave Not Due: This leave is granted where there is no half-pay leave at credit and the employee requests for grant of LND. Workers who are working temporarily with one year’s service and suffering from Leprosy, TB, Mental illness or Cancer may also be granted LND if there exists a substitute to take care of the job of the concerned person who has taken leave. The worker gets a maximum of 1 year LND in his entire service period.

Maternity Leave: This leave is granted to women employees 180 days for Pregnancy and 45 days for Miscarriage or Abortion.

Paternity leave: 15 days is granted to all the male employees to take care of his wife during pregnancy.

Study Leave: Two years of leave is provided to employees who have worked in a particular field for more than 5 years. This leave is given if the employee are interested to do a special course on the concerned field.

Extra Ordinary Leave: Employees are granted extra ordinary leave when no other leave is admissible.

Casual Leave: An employee can take up to Eight days of casual leave in one calendar year.

Hospital Leave: This leave is applicable to employees of Group ‘C’ whose duties involve handling of explosive materials, dangerous machinery, performance of hazardous task and poisonous drugs.

Child Care Leave: Women employees having new born child may be given Child Care Leave for a maximum period of 2 years.

Cost to Government

Government employees get good pay package along with medical facilities, Why Government Jobs? housing loan facilities, gratuity, provident fund and bonus. The monthly pay received by the employees include house rent allowances and dearness allowances. Every year gratuity is received which is an extra fifteen days salary. During major festival occasions, Bonus is received. Obtaining a loan from any bank for marriages or education to children or for housing is a very easy process for Government employees.

After retirement from the service, half of the salary is received as pension. The Government Jobs acts like a guardian for the family and in case of any tragedy; the family receives enough benefits to maintain their living. If the daughter or son of the government employee is physically challenged, then they too receive a part of the pension.

After all the benefits and merits, still people fail to get a Government job because of some reasons which include unable to clear the entrance examination, unable to information about the notification on time and so on. It is easy to keep track of the latest job openings. The government companies post the requirements on their website along with the application form. The applicant’s work is to fill the form and post it to the respective company along with the demand draft or check as requested by the company for the examination. Even sometimes the job openings are found in reputed newspapers.