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Indian railways are really the pride and connecting line of all Indians. It is one of the most remembered instances of the diverse Indian ways among foreigners and tourists. The railroad journey has much more to offer than mere feast for ryes. It has a varying style of transport and is most amusing to many. The Indian railways are currently in developing state and hence everyday there is a change happening. Indian railroad service is one of the largest among all railway networks in the world. It is also one of the busiest railway services among the existing ones.

The website

indianrail gov in 300x208 Indianrail.gov.in   The Railway Website

The website displays a sophisticated professionalism and the sincerity of the authorised departments. This means that though the website is designed in a way that simplicity and details are the main focus, the website also makes use of technology efficiently. The website is mainly targeting passenger’s reservation enquiry about Indian railways. The site respects the language concerns that may arise and cause ambiguity and hence are available in both Hindi and English formats. This language switch could be done by a single click. The sites home page is much detailed and full of features and services.

The services include availability of trains in all the major stations, the train schedules and changes that may have occurred if any, information and explanation about the newly into the industry – The Tatkal Scheme, the upgraded and improvised passenger scheme, Short message service (SMS) and very accurate information about train berth availability. The latest announcements and updates are given on the websites home page and are easily visible. Other information that the site provides include train running information which is very detailed and well explained for every type of website visitor to understand.

The information about different types of trains is also provided, along with the codes and other figures that help identify train. The site has an interesting feature to show the different trains and that comes under a tab called trains at a glance. The different, important and necessary rules to be followed and to be adhered to are also given in the site. Other two interesting features are for international tourists and the last one for other railway websites. PNR status and the trains between important locations are also a quick link on the website – indianrail.gov.in. There are further options like the provision to find the availability of seats, different fares enquiry of different trains and internet reservation. The frequently asked questions as well as a direct link to the official website of Ministry of railways are also given in the site.

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